Children’s books and books for young people are among our production classics

What exactly inspires our children and young people? Good night stories, fantasy books, adventure stories, biographies and stories about superheroes. Children’s books and books for young people stimulate the imagination and allow you to immerse yourself in magical worlds, they enchant, explain the world and broaden your horizons.

Children's books and books for young people are among our production classics

Lovingly designed children’s books

Beltz Grafische Betrieben ‘s production classics also include several children’s and young adult books that we are allowed to produce for several children’s book publishers. One of them is Beltz Verlag, which founded a book printing company in Bad Langensalza in 1841 and thus laid the foundations for the Beltz Group. The lovingly illustrated titles contain exciting stories by well-known authors. Verlagsgruppe Beltz, based in Weinheim, is a German publishing house active in the fields of children’s and young adult books, education and upbringing, further education, pedagogy and psychology.

Individual children’s books at a glance

We produce narrative children’s books in various formats and sizes. We produce them with round or straight spines, as thread-sewn or perfect-bound hard or soft covers. With or without finishing, with dust jacket and ribbon marker, in small or large formats. CDs can also be integrated so that the children’s ears can go on a journey of discovery.

Various children’s and young adult books in hardcover and softcover

Minimaxe – thread-sewn brochures in small format with a spine width of 0.29 cm

Climate-neutral book production – printed with a mineral oil-free printing ink on 100% recycled paper, without film lamination

Creative coloring and craft books produced as booklets, flap booklets or saddle stitching

with integrated prefix and suffix

Small and large format

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