Training 2022: 5 trainees start their future at Beltz

The start of training in 2022 is always a special time for a new generation. Recruiting young talent is a crucial building block for the future viability of a company. Qualified junior staff who are enthusiastic and motivated about the company’s activities continue to write the history of a company and make a significant contribution to its long-term success.

Our aim is to pass on our decades of in-depth expertise to the next generation. Because this knowledge provides the basis for our stability, as well as for our further development and thus for a successful future.

We therefore place a particularly high value on training in our company and attach great importance to high-quality support for the younger generation. Five young people have also found their way to us for the start of training in 2022 and have already started their training.

Who are we welcoming to the start of training in 2022 this year?

We are very pleased about our five junior employees who have decided to train at our company in 2022 and have been with us since this year. Together with our second and third-year apprentices, we now employ a total of nine trainees.

Chantal Ehrlich started her training as a media technologist in printing this year. With Jonas Anders, Leon Drews and Sebastian Bohn, we were able to recruit three trainees for the media technologist print processing apprenticeship. They also started their first year of training this year. Vanessa Haube is already in her third year of training. She has transferred from another company and is completing her final year of training as a print media technologist at our company.

Training 2022: We look forward to the time ahead and wish you a successful start at Beltz!

Start of training at Beltz in 2022
We welcome our new trainees and wish them an exciting start to their training!
From left to right: Tobias Hackmann (training manager for print processing), our trainees Chantal Ehrlich, Jonas Anders, Leon Drews and Sebastian Bohn, Ralf Wiegand (training manager for printing), Max Herrmann (management consultant)

Beltz as a renowned employer in the region

What benefits do we offer our trainees?

As a traditional company, we have been successfully training apprentices for many years. We want to offer our trainees a sustainable workplace and provide them with comprehensive insights into our company, operational processes and special activities during their training. Our trainees are just as much a part of our team as our long-standing permanent staff.

This is why we offer demand-oriented training and take on all our junior employees after they have successfully completed their training. We are looking at a takeover rate of 100 %. As an employer, we also cover all costs for school books and accommodation near the school in Pößneck, which our trainees use.

What training opportunities does Beltz offer?

beltz-grafische-betriebe-production hall

The opportunities for training with us are as varied as the professional fields of our company. Our training spectrum includes activities with a technical and manual background, but also those that require creativity and a knack for detail work.

Those whose interests lie in the handling of administrative and commercial tasks will also find what they are looking for.

We offer two apprenticeships in the field of media technology. On the one hand, we train media technologists in printing are trained. All knowledge relating to the entire printing process, including the latest printing technologies, is taught. Printing technologists have a great deal of responsibility: they oversee the entire process, from setting up the printing press and monitoring the printing process to the final production of the pre-product.

On the other hand, we train media technologists in print processing apprentices. This profession is all about detailed work, sensitivity and precision to complete the end product. This job also requires the correct setting and operation of large machines as well as a high sense of responsibility when handling the machines and products. We have summarized further information on the two training courses and the differences between them here.

In addition to manual and technical activities, our company also requires commercial professions. For this reason, we also offer training as an industrial clerk. All content relating to customer service and management as well as order management is taught here. We are also looking for creative minds who would like to gain a foothold in the field of media design. This job involves checking and adapting the customer’s print data and arranging the individual pages in the printing process. We are also aiming to expand our portfolio for training in 2023 with the option of training as an industrial mechanic.

On our new training page you will find a clear summary of the training opportunities in our company. If we have aroused your interest, you can apply to us directly via the website with just a few mouse clicks. We look forward to hearing from you!

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