Reference: Meine Küche, Genuss & Leidenschaft

On October 27, professional chef Armin Schumann from Pulsnitz presented his cookbook “Meine Küche – Genuss & Leidenschaft” together with Peter Kube in his Genusswerkstatt. In his latest cookbook, he gives an insight into his career and the sources of his inspiration. The professional chef also reveals his most popular recipes and gives tips and tricks to help you cook them successfully.

In this large-format work, the color and lightfastness of the photos, as well as the impressive resolution of the print, come into their own. The finishing of the cover is also a real eye-catcher before the book is opened.

A small thank you

I would like to thank you and your team once again on behalf of the publishing house and our team of employees who were involved in the book project “Armin Schumann, meine Küche”. We were very impressed by your commitment and the quality of the physical book also speaks for your excellent work! Best wishes from snowy East Saxony.

Andreas Gerth


Oberlausitzer Verlag

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