A day at Beltz: Pupils discover our exciting apprenticeships!

Training as a media technologist is often not one of the top 10 training occupations and is therefore one of the often underestimated training courses, which nevertheless offers a lot of potential. This profession teaches the various technologies and processes of media printing and production. This includes print preparation, the printing process itself and the further processing of print products. We are constantly developing our company and therefore also the field of media technology, which means that these are apprenticeships with a future.

The training usually lasts three years and can be completed in different areas. What makes it special: This apprenticeship focuses on an interest in machines and technology: an apprenticeship with a secondary school leaving certificate is easily possible here. Beltz Grafische Betriebe in Bad Langensalza would like to introduce young people to this exciting apprenticeship, which is why we took part in a regional pilot project in 2022.


“A day in practice” – finding exciting apprenticeships in the region

In 2022, a small fair was held at the Brückenschule Aschara – Staatliche Gemeinschaftsschule for the “Day in Practice”. This is a joint pilot project of the Federal Employment Agency – Das bringt mich weiter – the Erfurt Chamber of Industry and Commerce, the Nordhausen Education Authority and the District Craftsmen’s Association as well as the participating schools and companies. Many different companies were able to present their training occupations from A to Z to the pupils and we were also there.

How does the “day in practice” work?

The 8. and Year 9 pupils will take part in this project and visit a company for one day each week. They will get to know a total of four training occupations over four periods. In order to give young people more security in their future careers, they have to apply before they start their internship and then have an interview.

What is the aim of the project?

The aim of this project is for the students to get to know the local companies better so that they can also see prospects in their home country. They should also be able to get a taste of many different training occupations before starting work in order to find out what suits them, so that fewer apprenticeships are abandoned. We are very much looking forward to giving the students an insight into our company through this project and are excited about the internship time together.

An internship at Beltz

An internship at Beltz Grafische Betriebe in Bad Langensalza offers many opportunities to gain valuable professional experience and deepen your own specialist knowledge. We are a leading provider of printing services and offer interesting insights into the world of printing.


During an internship with us, interns can get to know the various departments of our company and have the opportunity to work on printing projects. They get to know the work in the print shop or bookbindery and have the chance to try out whether the profession could be suitable for them.

An internship at Beltz Grafische Betriebe is also a good opportunity to make contacts and position yourself for future professional training. Interns have the opportunity to learn from the company’s experienced employees and benefit from their knowledge and experience.

Are you interested in an internship? Please contact Mr. Meinberg by e-mail at: s.meinberg@beltz.de

What apprenticeships are available at Beltz Graphic Arts?

Every year we are looking for motivated young people who are interested in an exciting apprenticeship in the field of media technology. You can specialize in two different areas with us:

  1. Offset printing and digital printing: learn how to handle large, modern printing machines and become an expert for our various printing machines
  2. Print processing: Work in our bookbindery on the further processing of printed products. With the help of machines and automatic machines that fold, stitch and bind printed sheets, you will produce high-quality end products for our customers

What makes Beltz Graphic Arts special

Why start an apprenticeship with us? We have a wonderful team of long-standing employees who look forward to welcoming new trainees every year. Many team members are deeply rooted in the region and value their secure jobs with us. We believe in friendly cooperation and a pleasant working atmosphere. The different paths taken by our employees show that we focus on individual support for each individual and offer a variety of training opportunities.

Are you interested? Apply online within a few minutes!

-> Training in media technology offset printing and digital printing

-> Media Technology Print Processing Training

We look forward to seeing you!

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