Regional youth development: We equip around 200 great young athletes from FSV Preußen

Sport means community. Community means cohesion and every community can benefit from this. Social commitment and sustainable youth development are therefore particularly important to us, which is why we are passionately and wholeheartedly committed to promoting young talent. We are particularly keen to support young people in our region, because they are the future – both in sport and in society. As a renowned and regionally rooted company with a long tradition in printing and book production, we see it as our responsibility to look beyond the business horizon and actively contribute to the well-being of our community.

Promoting young people is at the heart of our commitment. We are convinced that supporting the younger generation is not only an investment in the future of sport, but also a contribution to social cohesion. Our most recent project, in which we equipped the youth teams of FSV Preußen Bad Langensalza with new presentation shirts, is a representative example of how we as a company can make a visible contribution to promoting young people.

This initiative is more than just a sponsorship for us; it is a matter close to our hearts that shows how closely connected we are to our region and its people. By supporting the next generation, we not only want to promote the team spirit and pride of the young athletes, but also set an example that success is best achieved together. At Beltz Grafische Betriebe, we therefore firmly believe that our commitment to youth development makes a valuable contribution to local sport and the sense of community in our region.

A strong partnership: Beltz supports FSV Preußen Bad Langensalza

At Beltz Grafische Betriebe, we know that a strong team is more than the sum of its parts. We live this conviction not only internally, but also in our partnership with FSV Preußen Bad Langensalza. As a local sports club, FSV Preußen has a long tradition and plays a central role in the community of our home town of Bad Langensalza. Our support for the club therefore does not require much thought and underlines our commitment to the region and youth development.

Youth development FSV Preußen, A-Juniors
The A-juniors of FSV Preußen are visibly delighted with the result of our youth development program.

New presentation shirts for the junior teams

The new presentation shirts that we have provided for around 200 of the club’s children and young people are a visible sign of our support for young people. These shirts not only feature the Beltz logo, they also symbolize the connection between our company and the regional sports club.

With the shirts, we want to support and motivate the young talents who give their best week after week and at the same time promote club life. We see the shirts not only as essential sportswear, but also as a small financial injection for the club and as a sign of appreciation for the dedicated athletes.

Gratitude and commitment: the shirt handover

At the official handover of the shirts, we received warm words and great gratitude from the club. Our employee Sebastian Meinberg, who was not only present at the handover, but is also personally committed to supporting young people as the club’s youth coach, played a special role in this. This close connection between Beltz Grafische Betriebe and FSV Preußen shows how closely entrepreneurship and social commitment can go hand in hand.

Youth development FSV Preußen, B-Juniors
The B-juniors are now also wearing new jerseys.

Premiere of the shirts: Together at the Salza Cup

A highlight in the club calendar is the Salza Cup, the largest indoor tournament series in Thuringia. Our new shirts were used for the first time and helped the young players to perform with pride and confidence. The Salza Cup is the highlight of the year for many of the youngsters, and we are delighted to have been able to contribute to this special event as a sponsor.

The Salza Cup, organized by FSV Preußen Bad Langensalza, is much more than just a regional soccer tournament. The event is a major annual event that makes the hearts of sports enthusiasts in Thuringia beat faster. Since it was founded in 1996, the Salza Cup has developed into the largest indoor tournament series in the state and is a firm fixture in the calendar of all soccer fans.

A tournament that connects

This year saw the 28th edition of the Salza Cup – a tournament that, despite the challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic, has opened its doors to passionate players without spectators in previous years.

A total of 12 tournaments will be played over 7 days in all youth age groupsfrom the A-juniors to the G-juniors. In addition, there are equally exciting and entertaining men’s, women’s and recreational tournaments. With 86 teams and over 1000 players from all age groups, this year’s Cup was once again a real soccer festival. The Salza-Halle was filled to capacity for the first team’s main tournament with 1,600 spectators, an impressive testament to the enthusiasm and commitment of the local soccer community.

Focus on youth development

For us at Beltz Grafische Betriebe, the Salza Cup is an outstanding example of the importance of youth development in sport. The children and young people, who look forward to these tournaments with great anticipation, are given a platform to demonstrate their skills and gain important experience. The fact that our sponsored presentation shirts were part of this special event reinforces our commitment to local sport and the promotion of young talent.

The enthusiasm and coming together of the 430 club members during the Salza Cup underlines the important role of sport in building strong communities. As a sponsor and partner of FSV Preußen Bad Langensalza, we are delighted to support and promote this spirit of togetherness and sporting competition. We wish our young footballers a successful season with our shirts as a lucky charm and look forward to many more sporting events.

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