Bookbinder (m/f/d): still a relevant profession in 2023? An honest conclusion!

Graduation – and then? Choosing the right career after leaving school is a decision of great importance and often presents school leavers with challenges. The training market offers countless opportunities and is full of exciting professional fields.

We at Beltz Grafische Betriebe also offer young people in Bad Langensalza prospects and the opportunity to take the step into professional life with us. Among other things, we offer training in media technology – print processing (m/f/d), which is traditionally known as bookbinding.

In this blog article, we look at the challenges and opportunities that this profession brings with it and provide valuable insights into the world of bookbinding. Read on to find out why a career as a bookbinder can be an enriching and rewarding option.

What makes bookbinding a profession?

Bookbinders are true masters of the craft and have a wealth of skills and knowledge required to create and restore books and other printed products to perfection. Working in this field requires a combination of manual skills, technical understanding and creative vision.

Bookbinders are basically responsible for the production of books and other printed products by folding, cutting and binding individual sheets to create a complete work. The design of the book can also be part of the work – from the choice of paper to the decoration of the cover. The repair and restoration of damaged books and printed matter are also part of the job profile.

To work as a bookbinder, you need thorough training and extensive knowledge of a variety of techniques and materials. It is essential to be familiar with the different types of binding, paper qualities and finishing options.

In today’s digital world, the demand for printed works remains high. This means that the bookbinding profession is still relevant. Publishers, printers, libraries, museums and collectors in particular rely on the valuable work of bookbinders. This is because it helps to create a piece of cultural heritage and preserves the longevity and value of books and other printed products.

A mixture of craftsmanship and creative vision makes up the job description of a bookbinder.

A profession through the ages

Bookbinding has a long and fascinating history dating back to ancient times. At this time, the first books were written on papyrus and held together using simple binding techniques such as the roll or the fold. With the invention of paper in the Middle Ages, European monks also began to bind and refine books.

Over the centuries, bookbinding developed into an art form. The invention of modern book printing by Johannes Gutenberg in Mainz in 1440 laid the foundation for the mass production of books and thus for the dissemination of education and knowledge. This led to the development of different binding techniques and the emergence of different styles of bookbinding.

In the 19th century, new technologies and materials were introduced that revolutionized bookbinding. Glue binding, which is now considered the standard technique, was introduced and made it possible to produce books faster and more efficiently. The mass production of books led to a veritable boom in the book industry and bookbinders became an important part of this industry.

Today, bookbinding still has its place in the world of literature and books. Bookbinders have the task of designing, repairing and restoring books to perfection. They work with a variety of materials such as leather, paper, glue and tools to produce books with perfect craftsmanship.

The technical changes of recent decades have revolutionized the profession of bookbinding and modernized the bookbinderies of our time. Supported by state-of-the-art machinery, bookbinderies have developed into industrial companies in recent decades with highly efficient and mechanized production facilities for the manufacture of valuable cultural assets.

Bookbinding looks back on a long and rich history that is closely linked to the development of mankind and the spread of education and knowledge. It is a craft that preserves centuries-old traditions and protects the heritage of our cultural history.

Buchbinder at Beltz – become part of a strong team

At Beltz Grafische Betriebe, we are constantly expanding our team in administration and production with employees who are interested in an exciting job in our company. We offer various options for different target groups.

What does the day-to-day work of bookbinders at Beltz Grafische Betriebe look like?

Bookbinders are experts in the field of machine-supported production of printed products. Folding, cutting, stitching, binding – what used to be laborious and painstakingly done by hand is now made easier by the use of bookbinding machines. Completion processes are accelerated and simplified, processing techniques are further developed and optimized. At the same time, the requirements profile for bookbinders is changing. A wide range of tasks require a broad spectrum of skills and at the same time offer variety and diversity in daily work.

The focus of the day-to-day work of bookbinders at Beltz Grafische Betriebe is on operating, setting up and configuring state-of-the-art bookbinding machines. The job requires technical know-how and a basic interest in working with large machines. Careful monitoring of the production process and the guarantee of high-quality end products form the basis of our daily work.

Production assistant at Beltz
An overview of our modern production
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In addition to the technical focus of bookbinders, the profession involves close teamwork. Mutual support and good cooperation within our finishing team form the basis for a harmonious working environment and therefore also for satisfactory production results.

From school directly into the company

We are regularly on the lookout for young, dynamic trainees who can expand our team with competence and technical expertise. We are also looking for motivated young people who are interested in an exciting and varied job in a progressive company that is a leader in the industry .

During your three-year apprenticeship, you will be gradually introduced to the activities of a modern bookbinder and learn how to operate the machines. As a profession with a secondary school leaving certificate, you will learn important manual skills and a high level of technical understanding directly after your school education and can therefore start your career straight away. We are looking for interest in the industry and commitment in your daily work. Start your apprenticeship with us in 2023 and become an expert in the machine-supported production of print products.

Our apprenticeship page lists all the apprenticeships we currently offer. Feel free to drop by if you are interested in training in Bad Langensalza!

Looking for new challenges as a career changer

Not only school leavers can take up a job as a bookbinder with us. We also welcome applications from career changers who want to expand their expertise and learn new skills. Interns who would like to gain an insight into our production are also welcome at any time.

Vacancies are published in our job portal, which currently also has a vacancy for a bookbinder. You will also find many other exciting jobs in similar fields such as production assistant or machine operator. You can also start with us in the area of process optimization as a Controlling and ERP Manager. Use this opportunity as a gateway to our company and develop yourself further.

We challenge and encourage our employees and support them at all times in developing their personal strengths and pursuing their individual interests. With us, all doors are open to you – even up to management positions. We look forward to receiving your application and to welcoming you to Bad Langensalza soon! 😊

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