Into the coming year with our new PE312 embossing press: we are focusing on more quality and reliability

Turning old into new – We have once again modernized our machinery, setting new standards in our production. A state-of-the-art embossing press PE312 from Kolbus has recently become part of our production. It replaces our old press and marks an important step towards the highest quality standards and greater flexibility.

The functions of an embossing press

An embossing press is an indispensable part of the book production process. It is used to provide printed products with an embossed or relief-like surface. As a rule, an embossing press consists of two rollers between which the material to be embossed is placed. One of these rollers is provided with the desired embossing pattern, while the other roller exerts counter-pressure. The material is compressed on the embossed side and takes on the pattern of the embossing plate.

This process can generally be used for various materials such as paper, cardboard, leather or even metal. We use the embossing press for finishing printed products, especially for embossing book covers.

The targeted embossing creates relief-like structures that not only make our end products appealing, but also give them a special feel. The embossing press therefore complements our production capabilities and gives our end products an individual touch – exactly according to customer requirements.

The use at Beltz Grafische Betriebe

The new press has been enriching our production since September 26, 2023 and has already processed numerous products since then. As before, the new press will also be used to refine the covers in the hardcover area. We are able to react flexibly to our customers and their ideas and can process both half-linen and linen bindings.

The PE312 from Kolbus was chosen for our new machine due to its particular reliability and exceptional quality. As a renowned manufacturer in the industry, we rely on Kolbus as our partner and on their high-quality products. Between excellent advice, good communication and reliable machines, we have already had good experiences with Kolbus in the past. So we decided to go with one of their products for our new investment.

The delivery and installation of the machine went smoothly and without any major hurdles. The embossing press has now been in daily use for around three months and has already impressed with its quality.

Technical data of our new embossing press

The PE 312 embossing press offers us many advantages and takes our production to a new level. In addition to high reliability and exceptional quality, the press impresses with its low downtimes. We also benefit from the following properties:

👉 Processing of the complete range of panel materials using blind, relief or foil embossing processes
👉 Stepless adjustment of temperature and embossing pressure
👉 Adjustability of the embossing time up to 10 seconds
👉 Wide range of embossing foils
👉 Reduction in set-up time thanks to external set-up with additional equipment
👉 High mechanical running performance of 10 to 80 embossings per minute

Our new PE 312 embossing press has already proved its worth in recent months. It impresses with particularly high-quality results and outstanding quality.

Investments in the past

In the recent past, we have already expanded and modernized our machinery through acquisitions and replacements. A wide range of production options and our commitment to exceptional quality are our top priorities. By investing in new machines, we offer our customers even more individualized options and thus print products according to customer requirements.

We invested in a new gathering machine at the beginning of 2023. The 3692 gathering machine from the manufacturer Muller Martini prepares the printed products for subsequent stitching in the book sewing machine and is therefore an indispensable part on the way to the finished end product.

Our thread sewing machines were also replaced about a year ago. We have purchased two Ventura MC160 machines from Muller Martini, which have improved our production capabilities and the quality of our end products.

Beltz Grafische Betriebe strives for a high level of quality and a special variety of production options. Only a few print shops in Germany offer such a broad portfolio, which clearly sets us apart from other manufacturers. Do you have any questions about our options or are you interested in working with us? Then please contact us without obligation.

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