Apprenticeship 2023: We welcome four great trainees!

It’s that time of year again – we are welcoming a new intake of trainees to our company. The 2023 training program at Beltz Grafische Betriebe started on 01.09.2023. We are delighted to welcome four new trainees who have started their journey at Beltz Grafische Betriebe in Bad Langensalza and have already taken their first steps in the company.

This builds on our ongoing commitment to training and investing in young talent and is a sustainable investment in the future of our company. We value fresh perspectives and exciting approaches that drive our company forward and keep us competitive in the areas of print and media technology.

The key role of trainees for our company

The importance of our trainees for the future of our company is great. The young talents bring new ideas, enthusiasm and a modern understanding of our industry. They will grow up to become our future experts and strengthen Beltz Grafische Betriebe with a breath of fresh air and a valuable view from the outside.

Through training, we not only invest in the development of our trainees, but also in the future of the company. In this way, our trainees promote a continuous exchange of knowledge within the company by being in constant contact with employees with many years of experience. This allows us to maintain best practices while incorporating new trends and technologies, which is why we are also taking these principles to heart in Training 2023.

Who will join our team for the 2023 training program?

In this blog article, we are delighted to introduce the four new apprentices who have found their way to Beltz Grafische Betriebe in Bad Langensalza in September 2023. With a passion for printing and media technology, they will strengthen our constantly growing family of trainees and play an important role in the further development of our company.

Training 2023
We warmly welcome our four new trainees for the 2023 training program and look forward to the time ahead!

Among the new recruits are three prospective media technologists for further processing, better known as bookbinders. Dominik Kirchner, Linus Höhne and Brooklyn Riemann are now joining our team in the bookbindery. These three young talents bring fresh energy and craftsmanship, which is particularly important for the design and finishing of our print products.

We also welcome Hanna Bieberstedt, who has started her training as a media technologist for digital printing with us. Hanna is characterized by her interest in digital technologies and modern machines and therefore fits perfectly into the field of digital printing.

The start date for the 2023 apprenticeship was September 1, 2023. In this respect, our junior staff have already had the opportunity to get to know the team and the company in recent weeks and gain their first valuable experience. The training will take place in our modern workshops and under the guidance of experienced employees. The trainees pass through various areas in which they are gradually introduced to the activities of the respective professions. In this way, we ensure a sound and high-quality education in which they can acquire the necessary skills and knowledge.

With the four new trainees, we now have a total of ten trainees spanning a total of three training years. The 2023 training program at Beltz Grafische Betriebe promises not only an exciting professional journey for our new trainees, but also a promising way of securing the next generation of talent for our company. We are looking forward to the contributions and input that these young talents will bring with them in the coming years and continue to look forward to exciting developments, inspiring ideas and a shared journey on the road to professional life.

Training at the Beltz graphic arts companies

At Beltz Grafische Betriebe, we provide needs-oriented training. This means that we plan our requirements for individual occupational fields and select the number of training places accordingly. In this way, we can increase the chances of being taken on after completing the apprenticeship.

With our comprehensive training program, our trainees have the opportunity to acquire a wide range of skills and knowledge in various areas of print and media technology. We form

👉 Media technologies – print processing (m/f/d) and

👉 Media technologies – offset printing and digital printing (m/f/d) from

and thus create a solid foundation for the future careers of our trainees. We also attach great importance to the further development of our former trainees and employees after their training. Our further training opportunities allow you to deepen your skills and knowledge and contribute to the development of new career prospects.

Production assistant at Beltz

We are also planning to offer apprenticeships again in 2024. If you are curious about the world of print and media technology and would like to get to know our working environment, we also offer the opportunity to complete internships or familiarization days at Beltz Grafische Betriebe. These internships offer insights into our company and the opportunity to learn from our experienced experts. You can also get to know us on 26.10.2023 at the Night of Professions in Bad Langensalza. And perhaps this will also spark your interest in an apprenticeship in the coming year. 😊

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