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Environmental awareness and the use of renewable energies have become more important than almost any other area in recent years. Beltz Graphic Arts is committed to sustainability and is proud to make its contribution to climate protection and the environment. The BELTZ graphic arts companies have set themselves the goal of manufacturing products in a climate-neutral way. Join us on the road to a green future.

In our “Sustainability” blog category, we share our experiences and findings on the topics of CO₂ offsetting and sustainability in the print shop. One of our focal points is CO₂ compensation. We work closely with Climate Partner to neutralize the greenhouse gas emissions caused by our activities by supporting climate protection projects. We also report on innovations in the field of printing technology that conserve important resources. We also work together with experienced partners to constantly drive forward the area of sustainability in our company. These include FOGRA, FSC and PEFC certifications and participation in NAT (Thuringia Sustainability Agreement).