For the sake of our environment – the entire Group has been using 100% green electricity since 2020

Environmental awareness and the use of renewable energies have become more important than almost any other area in recent years. Our company is also following the energy transition and converting: Beltz Grafische Betriebe and the entire Beltz Rübelmann Holding GmbH (including the subsidiaries Julius Beltz Verlag, Weinheim and Campus Verlag, Frankfurt) have been sourcing 100% of their electricity from renewable energy sources since 2020. This has enabled us to reduce a significant proportion of our own CO2 emissions. In 2021, we will offset our own unavoidable CO2 emissions in production and administration from the consumption of electricity, gas, water and petrol via ClimatePartner .

Beltz contributes to environmental protection by using 100% green electricity.
We are following the energy transition and have been using 100% green electricity since 2020.

Following the trend reversal: this is also possible in production companies

Production companies often have a bad image when it comes to environmental impact. The environment doesn’t matter, he says, because profit is the only thing that matters anyway. And these two things are difficult to reconcile. Wrong! Because even in production facilities – which naturally require a not inconsiderable amount of energy – it is possible to follow the trend reversal of climate protection and reduce CO2 emissions accordingly.

We want to set a good example and are therefore converting part of our production: We are currently preparing to switch from developed printing plates to processless printing plates for our offset printing . This means that the prepress development process, which involves chemicals and water, is eliminated and the exposed plates are decoated on the press using a dampening solution. The panels are also 100% recyclable.

Creating environmental awareness: even beyond the boundaries of the company

It is important to us to communicate our attitude to environmental protection and to convey it to the outside world. We also talk to our partners about sustainable forms of production and independent CO2 offsetting.

One of our most important partners is the Schleipen paper mill, with whom we can look back on many years of cooperation. We want to pull together and do something about the increasing environmental impact. Just as we will be doing from 2021, Schleipen is already offsetting its production emissions via ClimatePartner and thus supplying climate-neutral paper. We use the climate-neutral printing papers that he uses.

Green into the future

All our planned adjustments will not save the world immediately. But everyone can contribute to environmental protection in small steps. What counts for us:

Small steps can lead to big changes.

We want to embark on a sustainable future and pursue this goal in the long term. For this reason, we will in future publish an annual environmental report that shows our own expenditure and emissions as well as our cooperation with all suppliers – in a sustainable and environmentally conscious manner.

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