Safely into the future: Beltz relies on electromobility from 100% green electricity

Electromobility is an important component on the road to a sustainable future. The increasing number of electric vehicles on the roads shows that more and more people are opting for more environmentally friendly mobility. A decisive factor in the sustainability of electric vehicles is not least the origin of the electricity used to power them. Green electricity makes a particularly valuable contribution to the reduction of emissions and the associated sustainable transportation.

We at Beltz Grafische Betriebe also want to act in an environmentally conscious and future-oriented manner. We see it as our responsibility to move towards a green future and thus offset our unavoidable production-related emissions.

Electromobility on the rise

The relevance of environmentally conscious, sustainable action has recently experienced an enormous upswing in society. Creating a future worth living for future generations is just one of the goals that are being pursued with appropriate measures. Climate change, the overuse of natural resources and the pollution of air, water and soil are already having a far-reaching impact on our environment and society.

That is why we at Beltz Grafische Betriebe are also aware of how our actions and decisions affect the environment and what steps we can take to create a sustainable future. Each of us can do our part by making conscious choices to reduce energy consumption, minimize waste and promote environmentally friendly practices. This includes the expansion of electromobility, which we are also promoting in our company with immediate effect.

Developments and trends

The demand for electric cars has increased immensely in recent years. This is confirmed by the latest figures from the Federal Statistical Office regarding new registrations of vehicles with alternative drive systems.

Electromobility - comparison of new vehicle registrations
New car registrations by alternative energy source, source: Federal Statistical Office

Hybrid vehicles in particular are therefore enjoying great popularity. But the number of electric vehicles is also steadily increasing. According to the Federal Statistical Office, over 350,000 new electric car registrations were recorded in 2021 – and the trend is rising.

Current figures for electric cars in 2023 and 2022 are not yet available. The illustration excludes vehicles powered by natural gas or liquid gas.

Going green: we are now promoting electromobility

We have joined the trend and are now increasingly focusing on electromobility. With the two VW ID.3 electric cars, we have already added two fully electric vehicles to our fleet and are planning to purchase more electric vehicles in the near future.

Two of these VW ID.3 electric vehicles have recently been added to the Beltz fleet.

We would like to gradually convert our fleet to electric drives and charge them at our company-owned charging stations with 100% green electricity and a charging capacity of 22 kW.

For example, we have already installed electric car charging stations at our plant in Bad Langensalza, which are also available to our customers. In this way, we guarantee comprehensive usage options and good utilization of our newly installed charging infrastructure.

On the way to a green future – Our contribution to greater sustainability and environmental awareness

We have already addressed the issue of sustainability in the past and implemented a number of projects with a corresponding focus in our company. In this way, we are gradually moving closer to our goal of becoming an environmentally conscious company with an ecological footprint.

One of our measures was to convert the entire Beltz Group to 100% green electricity. Since 2020, we have been using only renewable energy, making an important contribution to becoming a sustainable and environmentally conscious company.

Production companies face particular challenges when it comes to sustainability and CO₂ emissions. For operational reasons, it is simply not possible to implement values such as “zero emissions” here. For this reason, we have decided to focus on climate neutrality. In cooperation with Climate Partner, the leading company in the field of CO₂ offsetting, we are given the opportunity to neutralize our CO₂ footprint by supporting sustainable projects. We summarized all the information about the implementation and the background in a blog article some time ago.

We have already done a lot in the past to contribute to greater sustainability and environmental awareness. But that’s not the end of it. By promoting electromobility in our company, we want to set the next milestone on the road to a green future.

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