Reference: Afrika-Durchquerung

Ilona Hupe and Manfred Vachal met in Kenya in 1989, when they both traveled across the African continent independently of each other in their own VW bus. This exciting contemporary document describes the almost parallel journeys, whose greatest challenges were the crossing of the Sahara and the Congolese jungle.

Thank you very much for the great organization of our “Afrika-Durchquerung”!

We like the books very much, everything worked out great as always.

Eagerly awaited and more than enthusiastic

Ilona Hupe & Manfred Vachal report on the trip of a lifetime in their new book “Afrika, Durchquerung”. We recently had the pleasure of welcoming them to our premises for a print approval. The 224 pages were printed in offset on our Heidelberg printing press. This enabled Ms. Hupe & Mr. Vachal to color coordinate the print images directly at the printing press. This is the great adventure that started it all, a story produced in a thread-stitched gatefold brochure measuring 16.5 x 24.5 cm. In the fold-out flaps, with a length of 14 cm, you will find the 3 travel routes of the two.



Ilona Hupe Publishing House

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