Reference: Der Sockel

Matthias Haber ,,Der Sockel: Architektur -Wirkung- Wiederbelebung”, published by Hild und K, published by Born. Mann publishing house, Berlin.

Together with Andreas Hild and Dionys Ottl, Matthias Haber runs the architecture firm Hild und K. He is particularly interested in how façades define public space. Numerous practical examples are presented from the 19. and 20th century. In addition, the editors provide an intensive insight into their aesthetics of the base with twelve of their own projects.

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The content sheets were printed on acid-free, age-resistant paper, which is produced using an alkaline paper manufacturing method. Artists who value durability usually use acid-free paper. There are various eye-catchers in this horizontal half-woven blanket, one of which is the partial color cut. The content has been precisely matched to the book cover with the partial color cut. The embossing is also a special part of the book, the horizontal half-fabric strip was embossed on the blank and then covered as a second covering process.


Bros. Mann publishing house

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