Reference: Ferreda Kramp

The Berenberg Publishing House has brought out a very beautiful half-linen book series with hot-foil stamping on the spine. One of them is the title “Kramp” by María José Ferrada. María José Ferrada was born in Chile in 1977 and is a journalist and author. She has written over thirty children’s books, which have been translated into many languages. “Cramp” is her first novel and has won several awards.

Hot foil stamping on the spine

The content, which is printed on factory-made paper, was printed in 1 color with 132 pages. The black linen, which is color-coordinated with the 4-color printed and matt foil-laminated cover, gives this book series a special character. A coral red Surbalin was used for the front and back to match the shade of red on the printed cover and the embossing. The black headband forms a wonderful finish to the black linen of the spine.



Berenberg Publishing House

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