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For all those who want to explore the Havel city and also for those who plan to stay permanently: NeunundNeunzig Mal Brandenburg an der Havel helps with the first steps and second glances at a multifaceted city on the move. This city guide was published on 15.06.2021 by the two authors Sabine Kalinowski and Jessica Kliem in the newly founded publishing house havelbooks. The publishing house havelbooks was founded by Ms. Kalinowski in Potsdam in 2020 and publishes novels, city and cultural guides and a district magazine about the Havel region of Potsdam, Brandenburg an der Havel and Berlin.

The book arrived yesterday and we really like it. As requested, it has become just as beautiful as “99x Rheingau”. It has also been very well received by customers, with repeat orders already being placed.

Best regards

Sabine Kalinowski

Softcover with numerous images

This travel guide portrays the city on 208 pages in 99 entertaining and generously illustrated chapters. An eye-catching feature of this perfect-bound gatefold brochure is the fold-out front and back flaps on the cover, which serve as an overview map and give tourists an overview of the city. There are several options for the layout, such as flaps only at the front or only at the back – this brochure has both.


Publisher havelbooks

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