Reference: Orchideen in Jena und im SHK-Kreis

Botanists have been fascinated by the species of this plant family for more than 300 years. Due to the diverse landscape structures, many species can still be found today, some in large numbers on the open slopes around Jena, others hidden in wet meadows and woodland. The book of the “Green Series” of the AHO Thuringia provides information about the landscape and its historical development, but also about typical plant communities, current protected areas and the species themselves, and thus aims to contribute to the preservation of the diversity of our orchid region.

A brochure for nature lovers

For this wonderful orchid book, we had the pleasure of welcoming Ms. Köhler from Jenzig-Verlag to our house for the print approval. She supervised the offset printing of 164 photos on 208 pages and was able to analyze the print image directly on the machine with our employees in order to get the colors just right. In the bookbindery, the individual sheets were folded, assembled and bound to our perfect binder with the cover.

Thank you so much for finding the books today! They have turned out very neatly, indeed impeccably, and I would like to thank you once again for that.


Jenzig publishing house

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