With power into the future – career start 2021 at Beltz Grafische Betriebe

Graduation – and then? A question that we have all had to ask ourselves. Where do I want to go, where do I start my professional career? Start your path to independence with us: with our varied apprenticeships, you can test your skills, develop them further and fulfill your personal goals and wishes.

A successful and interesting apprenticeship is the start of an exciting future with many changes and personal developments. We would like to take the first steps together with you. We give you the time, space and support you need. For most young people, training is the start of their professional life and one of the most important developmental steps in life. A sound education and the associated professional security lead to self-determination and self-realization. We would like to accompany you on this journey!

Training from our own hands

Among other things, the shortage of skilled workers is making qualified junior staff a valuable and rare commodity. Finding good employees is becoming increasingly difficult. As one of the largest employers in the region, BELTZ Grafische Betriebe takes responsibility and trains the next generation itself. As a company rich in tradition, the promotion and training of junior staff plays a central role for us – and has done since the company was founded over 175 years ago. We want to help ambitious young professionals get their careers off to a good start and pave the way for them into the printing and bookbinding industry.

Every fall, we start with new trainees in two different fields, Media Technology Printing and Media Technology Print Processing. As a production company with a focus on book production, these are two essentially important professional fields for us. The primary aim is to take on trainees after they have completed their training.

Career with BELTZ Graphic Arts
A career at BELTZ Grafische Betriebe can be as varied as the printing presses.

From the ground up: Print media technology

The printing media technology profession is primarily concerned with printing on various offset printing machines. Offset printing is the most frequently used printing process in the world and is therefore also the most mature in terms of production technology. In this process, the ink is transferred from the printing plate to a printing blanket and from there to the printing substrate, for example the paper. Offset printing is an indirect printing process, which means that the printing plate and printing substrate do not come into contact with each other. These and other important details about printing are learned during the training.

In addition, the latest printing technologies in our digital printing department and knowledge of the entire production workflow, from the template to the finished product, are taught. The versatile apprenticeship lasts 3 years and concludes with the title “Print media technologist”.

After completing your training, you will be able to operate our printing machines independently, prepare print data and monitor the entire printing process. You will immediately have the know-how to ensure high-quality prints and will be responsible for the printing process and the end product.

Fine-tuning & detailed work: Print processing media technology

In contrast to media technology printing, the focus of media technology print processing is on the completion of the product. The training content is primarily concerned with folding, drilling, stitching and gluing printed sheets. In this way, finished end products are created from unfinished preliminary products.

It is also important not to be afraid of operating large machines or automatic machines. They have to be set up correctly, operated properly and monitored professionally – a responsible job for which you are comprehensively prepared during the three-year training course.

All doors are open after the apprenticeship

From this point of view in particular, it is not only a great advantage for our company to strive to take on trainees after they have completed their training. The trainees also benefit from the experience they gain on the machines during their training. After successfully completing their training, they can ideally move seamlessly into employment with us as a training company. The further training period is considerably shortened by the professional experience already gained or is even completely unnecessary, as the machine operation is already mastered.

The term “media technology” is often associated with job profiles such as online marketing or virtual tasks. However, our two apprenticeships are not about working on computers, designing online media or websites – instead, we are looking for “real doers” who want to work with their hands and get stuck in, and who have an interest in craftsmanship and technology. You can access the two apprenticeships and further information via our careers portal. There you will also find contact details if you have any further questions or if we have aroused your interest and you would like to send us a written application. We look forward to your career start in our company!

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